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Build an awesome team who care about your Practice, your Patients, and each other.

Great people are hard to find. Great teams are hard to build. The most worthwhile things in life are always hard. Building a highly effective, motivated team is the best possible use of your time. With them, you can achieve whatever you can dream. Without them behind you success will always be just out of reach.


The first, and hardest, step to building a great team is lookiong at your current team honestly, objectively and analytically.

Who are those in need of extra training?, who are those in need of extra stretch?, who are those who are de-motivated and need support?, and who are those who are actively negative and harming your business? 

We use a simple tool to help you assess your team. It’s a great 10 minute exercise to focus your mind on your people. 

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After taking the necessary first step of assessing your team, the next step involves making any necessary changes to your team’s structure or skill base, in order to meet the needs of your business.

This may involve re-structuring (including redundancies?), performance management, recruitment and/ or skills training for those who need it. During this time, we can provide bespoke support to help you (and your managers) to handle these difficult changes with minimum disruption to business.

This is the step that many businesses bypass, and just jump to team building. This is a mistake. To build a great team, you need the RIGHT team in place to start with.


The process of building a team has many different stages.

We work with you to assess your team’s current status (are they highly motivated but without direction, are they lacking in motivation, are they working well as individuals but not as a team?) We then devise a plan to support you in developing your team to become a high functioning, motivated team who are ambassadors for (and drivers of) your business.

Communication processes, feedback gathering, reviews and objectives, shared objectives and team activities/ team days can all be great tools in building a great team. Our bespoke tailored approach means that your team development plan will be about YOUR team, and not just any team.

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