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One size doesn’t fit all

There isn’t one single route to success. RW Dental offers a range of bespoke services which help you to achieve success on your own terms, in accordance with your own personal values and your own ambitions. Below are just a few of the services we offer.


Trust our tried and tested full business performance assessment service.

This involves a thorough review of all areas of business performance and structure, to identify key areas of opportunity.

After your business assessment, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing your current status and action plan for improvements. 

You can then decide whether to take on the improvements by yourself, or engage our on-going business coaching services.


Business Coaching is one of our most popular services. This involves a thorough business assessment, goal setting & action planning, and a series of visits/ coaching sessions to support you and your team to stay on track. 

Whether you need high level strategy support or ‘down and dirty’ on site systems analysis or team coaching, our bespoke approach means we can offer the support YOU need, when you need it.


For many reasons, we can get stuck in a career rut, or feel that our work- life balance is way off track.

With personal coaching, you will have someone who understands your situation, is on your side, and most importantly can help you unlock what is holding you back from success,  and support you with a practical plan to move forward positively.

Personal coaching can be conducted in person, or remotely via skype- whatever works best for you. 

TEAM BUILDING (with a difference)

Once you have a vision for your Practice, sharing it with your team is one of the most powerful things you can do.

Having an engaged, positive team all working towards a shared vision is the ONLY way you can guarantee sustained success.

Let us do the hard work in setting up your team day so you can take part and enjoy the fun and reap the rewards together.


Are you thinking of buying your own Practice, or have you bought one recently?

The ‘preparing for launch’ course does exactly that- preparing you for the inevitable challenges ahead, and ensuring that you can set your Practice up for success from Day 1.

As a successful owner of a (now) highly profitable Practice, I am uniquely placed to help you with the ‘nuts and bolts’ of Practice ownership, and how to be an effective leader from Day 1.


If you’re looking to partially privatise or privatise, it’s vital that you have the support you need to manage such a big change successfully.

If you are looking to sell your Practice, you deserve to get a price for it which reflects all the work you’ve put into it. Preparing a business for sale is different to ‘day to day’ running of a business (or it should be!) Discover the key ingredients that will get your P&L looking in its best shape ever, guaranteeing you a great sale price.

Whatever your exit plans are (or if you need help to make some, talk to us to see how we can help you

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